You can do so much on your iPhone! Be productive, play games, take beautiful photos and videos, post to social media, use health apps, and so much more! Learn all about your iPhone in these classes.


iPhone Basics – Your iPhone can do many things! Learn all about the basics to get you going!

iOS 12 – Learn all about the new features in the latest major update of the iPhone's operating system.

Organizing With Your iPhone – Learn how to work with your files/folders in the Files, create and organize your address book in Contacts, and schedule events and appointments in Calendar.

Communicating With Your iPhone – Learn how to use the Mail app to email, Messages to text, and the Phone and FaceTime apps to talk to or see your friends and loved ones.

iPhone Photography – Learn how to use your iPhone's camera to take beautiful photos. In addition, learn how to edit and share them!

iPhone Videography – Learn how to use your iPhone camera to take beautiful videos.


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