Music & Podcasts


Whether you want to learn about organizing your music library or creating your own music and podcasts, these classes will give you the knowledge to help you enjoy and create something unique. 



iTunes – Learn to use this app to play, download and organize your music, movies, tv shows, podcasts and audiobooks. Also learn how to add your CDs to your library and sync them to your mobile devices.

Apple Music – Learn all about Apple's streaming service so you can listen to music and watch videos on-demand.

Spotify – Learn all about this popular streaming service so you can listen to music, podcasts and watch videos on-demand.


GarageBand Basics – Learn about the interface, the tools and the features to start making your audio recording.

Advanced GarageBand – Now that you know the basics, start recording, work with arrangements, play with loops and more! Then share your audio recording to iTunes so you can listen to it on your devices. 

Podcasts – Create your own podcast with GarageBand! Learn how to plan, record, mix and enhance your podcasts so that you can share them with the world.


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