Anyone can be a photographer! You have the tools... learn how to use them! 


Photography Classes

iPhone Photography – Learn how to use your iPhone's camera to take beautiful photos. In addition, learn how to edit and share them!

DSLR Photography Basics – Get to know your digital SLR camera and learn the fundamentals.

Photo Organizing/Editing Classes

Photos App Basics – Learn about the interface and how to import, organize, edit and share your photos in this Mac app.

Photos App Projects – Now that you know how to use the Photos app, learn how to create books, cards, calendars and slideshows with your photos.

Lightroom Basics – Learn how to import, organize, edit and share your photos with this Adobe app on the Mac.

iPhone Editing Apps – Learn about other fun photo apps like Snapseed, Enlight, Photoshop Mix, etc to edit your iPhone photos.


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