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  • No need to travel... we come to you!
  • No need to move your devices, which means no accidental damage because of transporting.
  • It's more quiet than training at a store, so you get a more relaxed, no-pressure learning environment.
  • Interact with the same person each time.

In addition to teaching you about your products, answering your questions and troubleshooting, we can also:

  • Help integrate Apple technology with your non-Apple products
  • Teach you about other products/software you may have
  • Setup printers and backups
  • Setup iCloud and show you how it works
  • Install/update software
  • Clean up your computer
  • Teach you about your Apple TV with your home theater
  • Make sure everything works well on your home/work network

We will help you learn,
get connected & be productive!


For more details about what we can do to help, check out our services below:

If you would like to ask us any questions or set up an appointment, please feel free to contact us.

We are happy to help! :)

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Benefits       Bios       Why Us?       Testimonials





Annette Haynes has over 18 years of Apple expertise including working at the Southlake Apple Store for 5 years as a trainer. With numerous Apple certifications, she can teach you to use, troubleshoot, and integrate any Apple product into your life. She brings patience and understanding to set the tone, so you get a more relaxed, no-pressure learning environment. She'll work with you at your own pace and please feel free to ask questions — she wants you to have the confidence to do everything you want to do with all your devices.

Check out Annette’s LinkedIn profile for more info and all of her endorsements.

Annette is also a photographer! Check out her portfolio at her photography website, Jillijay Photography.

Annette took all the photos and designed all the icons on this website.



Zac Jenkins has been in the IT field for over 20 years. His expertise is in Microsoft products ranging from home PC products to Xbox and mobile devices. Home and office troubleshooting (Malware, virus cleaning, hardware repair) and networking are his specialties. He will help to ensure that all your Microsoft and PC home and mobile products alike function together and smoothly.

Check out Zac's LinkedIn profile for more info and endorsements.


Benefits       Bios       Why Us?       Testimonials



Why Us?

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
— Steve Jobs

We love what we do!

We help people connect with family and friends, show them how to be creative with their applications, and help them get work done with ease... above all, we strive give people the confidence to be able to do what they want with their devices, which we believe is great work!

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Benefits       Bios       Why Us?       Testimonials




     "Annette and Zac make navigating technology with multiple devices seem easy and effortless. They are a great resource from simply learning to use your device better (Annette has taught me many tricks!) to clearing up complicated challenges with your technology. You will definitely not be disappointed when you call Annette and Zac!"

Kara K., Homemaker


     "Annette has been enormously helpful in tutoring on the Mac and all other devices She keeps up to date on all the new products, software and applications and has been very helpful in connecting all our devices, photos, iPad, iPhone, lap top etc. One of her great strengths is her patience in making sure we understand fully how to maximize our time. Even after hours she has accepted those "help" calls and sorted out problems. Her wonderful, warm, engaging personality make all the lessons fun! I highly recommend her for anything related to Apple products, software, applications, etc."

Jack B., Senior Executive/Retired


     "I have been working with Annette for 7 years. She is one of the best teachers that I have had. She is able to explain and assist me with all my computer needs. She is patient, kind and understanding with the simplest and most difficult computer questions and problems."

Patricia B., Retired


     "Annette is an amazing teacher! I knew nothing about computers but took the plunge with the purchase of a MacBook Pro five years ago. Annette patiently taught me the features of the computer as well as how to use them effectively. I now can't imagine life without my MacBook! She has taught me shortcuts, solved problems, helped me with iPhone issues, and advised me on computer related purchases. I have complete confidence in Annette's Apple ability. I always look forward to our sessions because I know I will learn something and enjoy myself while doing so."

Laura D., Homemaker 


     "I've known Annette for several years and so glad she makes house calls when it comes to my Apple devices. She helps me learn to navigate not only on my Mac, but my iPhone and iPad. There's nothing she can't do. She's very creative with photos too! If it's fixing a problem or just teaching me new things, Annette is my go to person when it comes to all this technology."

Jeanne G., Homemaker


     "I feel so fortunate to have found Annette. I had so many questions about how to manage my large amount of photos. I was confused about the new way Apple organizes photos and she was quickly able to explain to me how to navigate through the new set up and organize my photos. Annette has a great personality and makes you feel at ease even when you feel you are asking dumb questions. I will definitely keep her number on speed dial."

Donna C., Paralegal Manager/Amateur Photographer

     "I quickly discovered Annette is not just a technical expert, but also an excellent teacher, who communicates complex issues and procedures into easily understood terms. She has a pleasant, eager-to-help, committed personality, and doesn't stop until the task at hand is completed. Annette readily adapts to changing circumstances and enjoys challenging assignments.
     I've found Annette to be an honest, loyal, dedicated and dependable colleague. She has superb meet-and-greet characteristics, and I unequivocally recommend her."

Roger K., Business Entrepreneur/Photographer


     "Annette has been helping me for years now to get acquainted to all the infinite new secrets of all my Apple electronic devices. She is bringing me up to date with all the new changes and how to synch one with another. I am happy to call her a special friend by now, practically part of the family, and she has been taking terrific pictures at many occasions of our entire family ! She is very professional, fun to work with and an angel of patience !!!! She has helped us also to understand Apple TV and to discover its great opportunities. She is always been there also for me in time of emergency (!!) helping by phone to solve problems. In this time where we need to stay informed with all the electronic devices in order to stay connected with our children and grandchildren (!!!) I recommend vividly Annette, whom you would love !!!"

Christine B., Housewife


     "Once in while people enter your life that you feel as if you have known them for years. Annette is exactly that person. She exemplifies leadership in everything she does and is a true problem solver. I have never seen her not handle a task with such incredible tenacity. Technology is not my strong point by any means, but she has never made me feel inadequate, actually just the opposite with her calm and positive attitude. When I am lead by Annette on various tasks, I feel like we are a team because of the trust we have in each other. She takes my ideas and makes them come to life, that is an amazing talent!"

Helen N., Entrepreneur


     "Annette is a life saver!!! She is unbelievably knowledgeable and helpful. She was able to assist me with my MacBook Pro in minutes for things it would have taken me years to figure out. If you love using your Mac, but struggle keeping up with all the technology and updates call Annette! She is worth it!!!"

Mindy F., School Psychologist


     "Annette was great helping me set up a new iPad. She helped me with a storage issue I was having and other Mac questions. She is smart, patient and easy to understand. She is also a whiz at the Photos! I needed help with the organizing part of it and she was awesome!"

Cynthia M., Housewife/Mom


     "They are timely, professional, and creative with new ideas!"

Jane W., Author